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Guess country by cap's photo. There are 4177 beer caps from collection in the game.


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About my job


I'm grateful to my friends and all the people who help me expand my collection for nothing. Here are these exciting people:

  • Alexander Suvorov
  • Mihail Borodko –
  • Oleg Velichko
  • Mihail Voznesenskiy
  • Lyubov Voronova
  • Marina Gatsenko
  • Maria Guschina
  • Rihards Gladiševs
  • Anna Dronova
  • Elena Epanechnikova
  • Irina & Alexander Zinchenko
  • Almaz Kazakov
  • Andrey Kalashnikov
  • Sergey Kolodkin
  • Diana Kolomeitseva
  • Igor Konovalov
  • Nadezhda Levenkova
  • Leonid Levitin
  • Ekaterina Leite and her friends
  • Mike from «Beerfox/Callous Alus»
  • Ivan Mihnenok

If you're on a site by chance and you do not collect caps but drink beer with interesting crown caps, you can do a good deed and send them to me, I will be very grateful :3